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A Graphic Score for Colston Hall

Wrapping around the ground floor performance space, Scorched is a twelve metre long Graphic Score that has been cut and burnt into a wooden wall. The effect of the process is to create a drawn mark that is akin to that created by a number of textile processes such as Shibori and Ikat; and reflects those marks used by Matthew Harris in his more familiar work with paper and cloth.

Using the language of Graphic and experimental music notation, ‘Scorched’ has been designed to act as both a backdrop to performers and an interpretive starting point for possible future work by musicians, dancers and singers.

“I want to bring a drawn, graffiti like, human scale mark into what is quite a large open architectural space and to create something that whilst not a textile, has some of the visual qualities of one. The idea is to create something, which performers might respond to in some way with sound or movement. A drawing/score whose marks and signs can be interpreted as indications of certain sounds, musical phrases or physical movements.”